CLIENT Shuttle Computers
YEAR 1999 ~ 2008
Web Media Development,
Products Marketing,
Brand Design,
Print Media Design
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  • Over almost a decade,
    DESIGNonly had partnered with Shuttle
    to keep its website up-to-date with
    changes in its business and its industry.







    In 1999, when DESIGNonly began its first site website engagement for Shuttle Computers, the company wanted a cleaner interface and a better way for potential customers to understand its products. DESIGNonly's design streamlined the home page, improved the site's usability, and let users find products either by product family or by their needs.


    The solution was to upgrade the site's user experience, making relevant offers easier to find, doing a better job of highlighting the value of the offers that were there, and making the entire experience more interesting and in line with Shuttle’s brand - PC Made Modern.




    • Web Media
    • Products
    • Brand & Print