CLIENT Softphone UI Design
YEAR 2006
Application User Interface Design
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  • Dynasky's online services division - was launching a new product,
    a software base of VOIP phone.




 's Softphone Technology offers PC users the ability to reach friends quick and easy, right from the computer desktop. It also offers users a way to save money on VOIP technology from approached DESIGNonly for help designing the Softphone interface for the service: a way for users to understand the input and output rules for this new type of application.


    DESIGNonly worked with OneSuite to understand the system's capabilities, mapping user paths for different possible interactions. We then created clear screen layouts and information cues to lead users through the different states and possibilities. A round of tests with target users verified the system's usability, and a visual design cued around OneSuite's existing mark provided a simple and sophisticated look and feel.


    At the end of the work, OneSuite had a simple, clear, and attractive product to bring to PC users - one that highlighted the system's advantages and differentiated it against competing VOIP industry.