CLIENT Indymac Bank
YEAR 2006

Web Application Interface Development

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  • In 2006, DESIGNonly collaborated with Indymac to develop a comprehensive visual interface for their B2B & B2C Financial Services Web Applications







    Indymac Bank approached DESIGNonly to help them create an interface for their product - a web base B2B & B2C financial service application interface.


    In order to understand the requirements for this new type of service, DESIGNonly followed a design process that included internal testing of approaches and assumptions. We created a work plan that allowed for user testing of alternate site concepts, with each focusing on a different positioning of the site's purpose as well as a different leading feature set and new ideas for visualizing the site's financial data. Through this research, we - along with Indymac Bank - gathered invaluable information for honing not only the site's features but also the company's business model.