CLIENT ARC International
YEAR 2008

Print Media Design,
Web Media Development,
3D Model Rendering

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  • We captured the vision of ARC into a new brand tagline - "All Resources Count" which gave clear direction for the new identity.





    The brand idea "All Resources Count" conveys the essential purpose and value of ARC International as an e-Waste business leader, designed to stand out from the dull recycling industry of the competitive brand landscape as a more intelligent and contemporary brand experience.


    To manifest the new brand strategy of ARC International, DESIGNonly created and developed a brochures, web site and environmental graphic system that applies the corporate brand, with manageable adaptations, across the new company's divisional/operating flow structure. Also included was the creation of a digital resource and image library; to extend the brand's presence in all environments; as well as an integrated marketing system to provide best practice marketing solutions to ARC's key target sectors.