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PiechartYour brand should tell a consistent, inspiring story
at every consumer touch point.



Our experiences that help businesses harness the competitive advantage of design. Your brand
should tell a consistent, inspiring story at every consumer touch point. For that, you need
a new approach. A new logic. DESIGNonly can help you take your business opportunities and turn them
into strategies that work -- strategies that allow for an improved competitive position, better performance,
and more revenue from your eBusiness.


Our experienced teams can also help you dramatically improve your business processes and workflows
to deliver significant returns through realigned strategy, and systems.





At DESIGNonly, we deliver the full package. Whether you require brilliant Web design, original copy, animation or online or print media advertising, we have the talent in house, and our creative staff have exceptional training, demonstrated ability and a passion for the Internet, and they never disappoint in turning over innovative, captivating, market-focused solutions to every creative challenge we put before them.





Content & SEO


The Web is dynamic. That's one of its greatest benefits over traditional media. As market conditions change, so can your online messages - in real time. And as you gain deeper understandings of your customers, you can deliver exactly what they're looking for. Whether you're seeking meaningful content or the tools to manage it, look to DESIGNonly - and put yourself in control.



A good Web site is more than a marketing tool; it's a research tool as well. From our sites, we collect invaluable data on the segments that interact with the brand, and we tailor our future marketing strategies accordingly. We know how users arrive at a site, what kind of platforms they use and what content they value most. Through registration data we get a demographic picture of our users, and with increasing precision and sophistication, we can target campaigns based on the behaviour of well-defined segments.





Our e-Services Strategic & Technical Consulting capacities occupy that critical threshold between your overall business and marketing model and the interactive media you seek to exploit. DESIGNonly works closely with you to understand your business, your needs, your technical environment, and your unique opportunities. This up-front homework, coupled with our exhaustive understanding of all things interactive, ensures that the strategies and solutions we deliver are right on target.



DESIGNonly is keenly aware that there's more to an online store than just a cash register. When we undertake any e-commerce initiative, we're careful to build the brand around it, because online or offline, a store's success depends on its ability to build relationships with its customers. Once we've established the brand presence, though, we work hard to ensure that a site's transactional functionality is up to snuff. DESIGNonly knows what users want in an e-commerce Web site: simplicity, speed and security. And that's what we deliver.



Relationship marketing forms the heart of our online strategies. The reason is simple: if the Internet represents a true revolution in marketing communications, this is it - personalization, accuracy, intimacy. We gain trust by letting individuals be individuals - by letting them interact with a brand on their own terms. At the same time, we gather information to better understand who they are and what they want. Then we provide content tailored to their needs; not imaginary needs cooked up in a boardroom to satisfy broad, vague criteria, but well-defined, individual needs we identify through research and customer feedback.



One of the greatest virtues a technical design can have is flexibility – the flexibility to incorporate diverse applications, to support various platforms and, most of all, to adapt as a project’s vision and scope evolves. Because our web sits work, we plan for growth. We expect our sits to expand over time, so we build in the capacity for more users, more content and increased functionality from the very inception of our technical development. Our confidence in our capacity to grow with our clients demands it.