ApproachOver many years of experience,
our process has taken shape:

Discover, Definition, Design, Development & Delivery!



It's one thing to have a talented team, a suite of specialized services, and an intimate understanding of marketing and multimedia.
What ties it all together is a sound methodology that ensures each project runs smoothly from kick-off to completion. Over our many years
of experience, the DESIGNonly process has taken shape. We created it to accommodate the complex, multidimensional interactive projects
upon which we've built our reputation. And while we continue to finesse and fine-tune it, it serves us - and our clients - very well.




Explorers charting new territory gathered details about the lay of the land, and from them they created maps to guide their future travels. Embarking on an interactive marketing venture is no different. DESIGNonly's goal during the Discovery phase is to learn -- to determine and document your key objectives and zero in on the most effective ways to achieve them.



A successful project needs a solid foundation. Defining the functional and technical requirements to fulfill your objectives is integral to establishing that base. Profiling our clients lets us profile their projects, resulting in a clear strategic vision and paving the way to a project that yields the intended results.



To create a truly effective, truly interactive marketing tool, form and function must work together seamlessly. With the functional backbone of the project established, we create the concept, look, feel and voice. It is here that the various elements begin to work together to mirror your vision and create an experience to invite, delight and reward your customers.



Here, concepts blossom into final products. We add the final touches to the look and feel, Web page development is well underway, and technical development is in its final stages. Quality Control testing throughout our process ensures the final product meets your expectations, and ours.


With every end comes a new beginning. Our work doesn't cease when your project goes live. After launch, DESIGNonly tracks your project's performance and measures it against your objectives. The results allow us to make recommendations during the initial stages of the venture, determining necessary revisions and updates.